Quality all the way

Enoc System combines experience, innovation and flexibility with quality. This applies both to our individual products and our whole business model, from product development through to sales and customer service. Production takes place in our own factory, where we develop products and tailor-made solutions together with our customers.


We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and our quality policy spans from company level to each employee’s daily work routines. Keeping orderly accounts is also part of our quality management. Enoc System has a credit rating of AAA, the highest available in Sweden.

Modular system with endless possibilities

Enoc products have a flexible design and are easy to build in a wide range of variations. The modular system, which is the foundation of our product development, means that only a few components need to be changed to create new solutions and possibilities. By being part of the project stage, we can help to optimize the solution, whether it’s a complete server room or a single rack and data cabinet.

Design without sharp edges

Our data cabinets and server racks are designed to be functional and high-performing, but also attractive to look at. Design is part of our professionalism and an important part of our product development.

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