Aisle containment for increased energy efficiency

Complete aisle containment solutions and cooling systems for hot and cold air separation. Optimizing the air flow in your POD and data center has several benefits, including reducing energy costs and improving efficiency. The right choice of cooling system will provide the optimal temperature for the data center.

We listen to your needs

Learn about a selection of our customer projects and read about their experience of Enoc services and products. For a number of our customers, we have built new data centers, acted as a proactive partner and delivered tailored solutions.


Flexible aisle containment solutions

We offer different types of cooling concepts, both room and corridor solutions as well as chimney and underfloor cooling. Our customer’s needs and wishes are always our top priority as we produce the best solution for each specific project. Each solution is different as adjustments may sometimes be required, if there is a column in the way, for example.

A scalable design

A flexible and scalable system for smart infrastructure in server rooms and data centers. Enoc’s modular system is easy to assemble and complete. A solution that can be adapted as your business grows and changes.

Energy saving room cooling

A cost and energy efficient aisle containment solution that will keep your data center investment working longer. Major savings can be made by separating and circulating the hot and cold air flows. Cold air is spread via the raised floor, providing efficient cooling of your IT equipment.

On-site installation

We offer short lead times and quality assured, on-site installation. Enoc System takes full responsibility for the installation. Allowing us to handle the installation is often the most cost efficient option. If you want to use other installers, we can project manage the work. Contact us for more information or a quotation.