Robust fiber optic cabinets in various sizes

Our fiber optic cabinets are built for outdoor use. They are available in several widths and are supplied complete with a ground anchor, lock and condensation protection for roofs and ground. The ground anchor allows you to place the fiber optic cabinet in different rural and urban environments. They are supplied with or without a pre-assembled optical splice box according to your requirements. Optical splice boxes are available from 96 to 288 fiber splices.

In-house product development

We always want to find the best possible solution for our customers. With well thought-out details in both design and manufacturing, we can customize each individual project. With manufacturing facilities in Sweden, we can guarantee the highest quality and fast deliveries.

Made in Sweden

Fiber optic cabinets in different materials

Enoc fiber optic cabinets are robust and durable in different environments. Manufactured in different materials: Powder coated magnelis plate (corrosion class C5-1 Agent, according to ISO 12944) and magnelis plate SM 310 (corrosion class C5 according to EN ISO 12944-2).

Manufactured according to the Robusta Nät (Robust Networks) standard

Our fiber optic cabinets are manufactured according to the Robusta Nät (Robust Networks) industry standard. The cabinets are supplied with a ground anchor with an infinitely adjustable depth up to 800 mm and a ground insulation plate. Condensation plate in the roof as standard.