Cibicom, Alcadon and Enoc in the perfect partnership

For Cibicom, it’s important to have a collaboration with both supplier and manufacturer. The collaboration between Cibicom, Alcadon and Enoc has been very enriching, and here at Enoc we have been able to successfully handle the changes that Cibicom wanted. The geographical proximity has also been a benefit, meaning that we could minimize our CO2 footprint during manufacturing and transportation. Being able to ensure a good, safe working environment is another thing that Cibicom considered when selecting a supplier. Together, we have developed a data center solution with air control for separated cold and hot air.

Cibicom is a Danish independent network operator and Internet Service Provider (ISP). The company provides solutions and services for mission-critical communications to, among others, the Danish Coastal Radio, the Danish Defence and infrastructure for telecommunications operators.

Alcadon is a leading Swedish supplier of data and telecommunications products in the Nordic region. The company develops products, solutions and systems within data communications and network infrastructure.

“Enoc racks are of high quality and offer a number of product benefits that are truly outstanding. The racks have a stable aluminium frame and can stand directly on the floor, with a good weight distribution to prevent overloading of the floor structure. And the racks have a stylish finish, of course. No sharp edges to cut yourself on and a door that is fully integrated.”

Kim Reesen, Data Center Manager, Cibicom

  • Load capacity of 1,500 kg
  • CAC, Cold Aisle Containment with floor cooling
  • Customized height
  • Replaceable locking system